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Indo American Community and Senior Center (IACSC)


The first wave of Indian immigrants arrived in Delaware in the 1960s to attend the University of Delaware. As the non-student Indian population grew in the 1980s, about 20 families decided one day in a member's basement to start an organization with a formal constitution and structure. Indo American Association of Delaware (IAAD) ( was incorporated in Delaware in 1984 as a not for profit organization with a mission to serve the Indian community and become the cultural bridge between Indian Americans and the local community. Since then, IAAD has been serving the cultural, social, educational, and philanthropic needs of the local Indo American community and as an umbrella for other smaller regional / sub groups.

In the early 1990's, the desire for a Community Center and a Hindu Temple became apparent. The HTA subsequently came into existence but the Community Center remained a distant dream.

On April 14, 2017, the committee tasked with finding a suitable land for the IACSC signed an agreement with the owner of a 12+ acre site – a major milestone after about 25 years of conceptualization (shown below is a panoramic view and a normal view of the site).

Site picture - panoramic Site picture

Site Details

Address: 2038 S College Ave, Newark DE 19702 - approx. 4 miles from Bob Carpenter Center, UD, on Rte 896 - en route to LUMS Pond / Middletown. Adjacent to Eagle Trace Residential Development.
County information at:

Phase 1 – Purchase and roadmap for 2017

Funds: Plan to complete purchase by end of June, 2017. Looking at Phase 1 – founder members that can contribute a minimum of $1000, and reach a target of $350K by middle of June, 2017. To make the whole system transparent, the fund inflow will be updated on IAAD website on a weekly basis and the expenditure on a monthly basis. All contributions to IAAD are tax deductible. At this stage, only Check payment is possible.
Governance: Have an interim Governing Body for IACSC, which will comprise of major donors and existing site Committee members. Have 2 volunteer Center Administrators who will coordinate Community Center Activities for the next 2 years.

Activities (Tentative):

Phase 2 – Roadmap for 2018

Funds: Plan to improve the site at a cost of $100K to $200K. Look for Phase 2 – founder members that can contribute a minimum amount (to be determined) and reach the desired target as per the development activities. Online payment facility to be made available.
Governance: Have the finalized Governing Body for IACSC (to include 2 IAAD Board Members). Rules and Regulations to be in place. Benefits for donors / major donors to be decided.
Activities (Tentative):

Phase 3 – Roadmap for 2019 and beyond

Funds: Commence construction and complete the Community Center. Look for Phase 3 – founder members that can contribute a minimum amount (to be determined) and reach the desired target of approximately $1.5 to $2 Million.
Governance: Already in place. Introduce Smart cards and adequate Security systems. All reservations / transactions to be done online.
Activities (Tentative):
The Center should be an Architectural marvel and cater for Parking; multi-purpose large Hall for Indoor games (Badminton, Volleyball, etc.) which can be converted for events holding 3000+ people; Food Court; Class/ Party rooms in Basement plus 2 floors or as 3 storied structure in the 2+ acre construction permitted area.