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IndiaFest location address for GPS: 631 South College Avenue, Newark, DE 19716


Dear Friends,
IndiaFest is IAAD’s flagship annual event that our community looks forward to each year and participates with full gusto – attendees, cultural program participants, bazaar vendors and food vendors. Our Board and legion of volunteers work for months to pull together the event year after year with long hours of tireless and selfless effort. Like every year, we have been working since January to put together another exciting and fun-filled IndiaFest event for our community of Indian-Americans at the Bob Carpenter Center. Over the last two weeks, we have been informed of some major renovation efforts at the Bob that will have to happen on the main arena around the time of our event that would cause us to make many compromises on locating vendors (bazaar and food) and putting a make-shift stage in the middle of the court, etc. The unknowns are many, throwing up many logistical challenges that we would not have in a normal year. At this stage, it is too late for us to look for an alternate location.

So, with great disappointment, IAAD is deferring this year’s IndiaFest event. We wanted to keep the community informed. Of course, we will have all the other events we plan each year and maybe there will be a very happy and surprising new event late this summer – on a smaller scale than IndiaFest. Stay tuned for that.

We assure you that we plan to bring IndiaFest back with a bang in 2018. IAAD is grateful to the community for its encouragement and support.